A Future in Messiah

How will 100psalms honor the L-rd?

First, your prayers are deeply appreciated, unseen and yet they have profound impact. How I respond to G-d's call on my life to study and write will directly influence and be reflected in the fruit presented in this site. You see The L-rd will complete the good work He has begun (Pilipiyim [Philippians] 1:6). There is no doubt of His faithfulness. The follow through effort from this willing vessel is what remains to be seen.

Father, G-d, thank You for the voice, the hands, and the new heart (Yeḥezqěl [Ezekiel 36:26]) You have given me. With every reading of this text let agreement come that these instruments receive a re-dedication to You, for Your glory, that they are found in faithful service to Your will through song, deed, and fellowship, amen. It is not for salvation that I labor, L-rd, but from salvation that Your love stirs me to praise Your Holy Name! (Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 29:11) Father, thank You also for the hearts You are continually moving to enter into covenant relationship with this ministry, may You always and in everything receive thanks & praise!! (Galatiyim [Galatians] 2:20) It is in the most Holy Name of Yeshua, Jesus, that I pray, amen. (Iḇ’rim [Hebrews] 7:25)

picture: psalmwriter immersed in the Jordan River at Bethabara Israel/Jordan border 2013 (thank you, brother Dan Stolebarger & Holy Ground Explorations)

100 Psalms Mission Statement

Under the guidance of the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and for the glory of G-d the Father (Elohim Avinu) I am a psalmwriter and worship servant to Yeshua HaMashiach Nagid (Jesus The Christ & King). My position of sonship and heir to the kingdom of G-d will support and never detract from my being a husband, father, son, brother, and friend.


We worship to honor G-d; He is Sovereign & deserving of our praise

(Tehillim [Psalms] 147:1, Ḥazon [Revelation] 4:11)


We will write about worship to honor G-d; we will research and write what G-d’s Word has to say about worship

(Timotiyos Bět [2 Timothy] 2:15, Timotiyos Bět [2 Timothy] 3:16)

We will record worship to honor G-d; let our testimony be that of the faithfulness of G-d

(Yohanan [John] 3:16, Yohanan Aleph [1 John] 5:11)

We will release worship to honor G-d; in prayer, praise, testimony, and teaching

(Tehillim [Psalms] 57:7, Eph’siyim [Ephesians] 5:19-20)